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Hypothyroidism and anxiety disorder.

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I have been having a mystery illness for about a year now, on the dot. Initially, it had been vomiting. Started slow, once a day, to multiple times a day and decreased appetite. During this time, I began to develop fatigue and joint pain (as well as random, sometimes prolonged, pain in various internal organs). I even would throw up undigested food after it long should have been digested. I also had bouts of worry that it was all in my head, because on days where I did not work or had a rest day, my symptoms were much less prominent. But given the nature of the symptoms, I thought it was gastrointestinal and wrote off the other symptoms to be in relation to poor food intake. Going to the doctor earned me a "well, you should lose weight." Comment and a referral to a gastro. After a number of tests and months of waiting, nothing came back. During this time, I was not given a single blood test until after the third failed test. Even then, the gastro told me my labs were fine and it wasn't until I was given the broken down report that I noticed my TSH was 14. After that, the direction of my health problems shifted towards thyroid, which is a genetic problem in my family. I had another set of labs done, where my TSH had gone down to 5 but my antibodies were in the 300s. Since this all began, I have switched a more sedentary job, which has reduced my vomiting. It seems like the harder I work one day, the sicker I am the next day. Which made me realize how fast my heart is beating whenever I do small things. Just sitting around, I've seen and felt my bpm go above 120bpm and would barely reduce to around 100bpm when laying. I went from being very active and fairly muscular, despite being chubby, to having to move around like an elderly man and struggle to open water bottles. And even then, sometimes the vomiting returns. Its been two and a half months since I've job switched and reduced my vomiting, but the joint pain has continued, the fatigue, and random pains, and at times difficulty breathing. Sometimes, when laying or walking, it even feels like joints move out of socket. I know that hypothyroidism is so diverse with symptoms that it can often get overlooked, if there were even symptoms to begin with. I'm just concerned that I'm going to be wasting my time again and looking in the wrong direction for help. I've been waiting a long time, my endo appointment is in two months due to the limited amount of doctors available. I'm worried it'll be another year before I finally get an answer. I'm only twenty two, I hate not being able to easily move around, and the health care process takes so long. I have also, when laying for a little while, have experienced dizziness followed by a short burst of unconsciousness that feels like I'm being dragged under. I'm unsure if thats a symptom though or just my body being so tired it forces me to sleep.

To sum it up: is this a by-product of an underactive thyroid that others experience? A comorbid issue? Or am I looking in the wrong direction for answers, despite having a large amount of thyroid antibodies?

This is honestly, mostly for my peace of mind while I wait these ages for me to see the doctor. I had a bad dream about it last night and I think its playing a role.

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I am not getting any further with my health, thus I want to keep this question simple in an attempt to get accurate insights and build from there. I'm suffering really badly from a constantly stiff neck and on/off stiffness in all other joints. Please only reply with a yes, if you truly do experience it as the worst symptom, so it being the health issue keeping you most busy from leading a normal life.

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