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HOAs are complicated. A second sentence is not necessary.


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My HOA has several issues that I don't know how to handle. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm currently a sitting board member trying to help balance between making this both an easy community and not a dictatorship or horror story that so many people complain about and yet still enforce basic rules that were set up prior to me being a board member and also prior to the community being established.

Issue 1.) We are currently having a massive issue of not reaching quorum on basic voting issues. Changes to CC&R's or election new board members requires at least 3 rounds of voting resulting in almost a year of waiting before a verdict is reached. Any advice on how to consolidate it?

Issue 2) We currently have a Guest Parking lot that was originally established to be solely for the use of our guests because every resident has two spaces on their own property for their cars. Furthermore, there is street parking surrounding the entire community but its limited to 5 hour parking that is pretty decently regulated. I'm running into the issue of resident parking in the guest lot and ran into the issue of towing a resident and got verbally accosted for it. The managing team said we need to enforce the rules otherwise we are liable for issues down the road for selecting and choosing which rules to enforce or not. Any advice on how to handle parking? I don't have the time nor to stamina to sit and monitor the situation and I'm debating just hiring either the managing office or just someone to come randomly once/twice/three times a week to evaluate and tow.

3) Our community is split into two phases, one phase has the HOA manage all of their landscaping while the other phase has to maintain their own landscape. There are some people are not managing their own landscape at all and then some that love maintaing their own landscape. We proposed unifying both phases to have the HOA manage all of it for a mere $4 extra a month. In the event that this doesn't pass, any advice on rules or regulations to help enforce proper lawn maintenance without it being too insane?

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My parents own some lake property that was handed down from my grandparents and they owned it for over 50 years. The township board has recently decided to create covenants for all lot owners and have started abusing their power. My question is-do they have any authority if nobody signed anything stating they'll follow the covenants or to approach the board for any variances?

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