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Has somebody put together a collection of the pettiest/strangest/obnoxious HOA issues?

We lived at our 8-unit condo for 3 years and didn’t really understand all of the complications of HOAs

We had an older woman, Barb who walked around in a pink nightgown smoking constantly. And when we moved in she said “the way it works is you pay me $465 and I make sure everything that we owe gets paid. (Actually not good cause we had almost no reserves)

We didn’t even meet for three years until she died and everybody felt like they needed to have unique opinions and argue about the craziest things

Somone got in trouble because a mimeographed document from 1969 prohibited black doormats because it signaled oppression (I.e walking on people of color).

In 1971 they banned plastic flowers

Nudity was officially banned in 1976.

Before I moved out I copied any documents and began compiling a list of odd thing people have been concerned with over the years

It’s like a history of the American psyche

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This actually sounds hilarious. Small HOA’s usually have the wackiest rules they try and enforce.

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Nothing quite to the level your describe, but we have restrictions that are unenforceable, requiring a garbage disposal and white curtains on street facing windows.

What makes it unique is we have an archived attorney guidance letter stating, "these are unenforceable", and an archived HOA board response of "we don't care, a supermajority of the owners want them enforced, please continue sending notices on letterhead."

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These things exist for these purposes entirely and are almost always in control of a middle age woman named Karen who believes her entire life purpose is the assume control of an hoa and enforce ridiculous demands and do pretty much anything in her control to make residents completely miserable and do so as much and often as possible to the full extent the law allows them and even if the law doesn’t she will refuse to admit that she can’t simply force her will onto her subjects and will be under the impression that she will and absolutely is prepared to hit you with also legally questionable at best fines in ridiculous amounts and then evict you for your not paying or bending the knee to the almighty Karen lmao.

Only thing better to these people is to succeed at getting someone evicted over the absolute most ridiculous thing possible and although rare- I’ve seen happen somehow down here in fl lmao. It is only then they are fully content with their life and they are prepared to die in peace with the comfort of knowing her purpose was served and exceed as well and nothing she could experience in life was worth living any longer lol

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I received a fine for having a "indoor table" on my patio. It was a cast iron bistro table with two chairs. AND it had a hole on the center to put a umbrella in it.


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