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Requiring and Scanning Valid US License for All Visitors

Can't edit title. Required and Scanned for all Driving Visitors

SFH in CA. Posting just to see if there are any better solutions as this is apparently a headache for all involved.

We are a gated community, security at entrance. All guests (family, services, etc.) are required to have valid US driver's license for entry. I was made aware of this this morning as my contractors laborers are not being allowed in (Mexican license). I drove over and asked the gate guy if I could do anything, he said not really, and I said no worries I knew it wasn't his fault. He explained that the whole thing is a headache, all the food deliveries and contractors and everyone regularly complain, and the scanner doesn't even work. We have issues with vandalism and destruction, and it all comes from kids jumping walls/getting in gates, not visitors driving in.

I can't find one mention of license requirements for vehicle access anywhere in DCCRs/bylaws/etc.

Question: Has anyone had issues with this before? Does your community at least allow Canadian/International/etc. driver's licenses?

Also, are there ways we can leverage the value add from restricting/tracking guest access while avoiding scanning licenses headache?

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This is dumb. Like, if my grandma visits from Germany, she can't come to my neighborhood? What about my 6-year old niece?

It would be reasonable to have a sign in/out and a camera. That's how most secure places work. At an HOA, you're responsible for your guests. So, have an owner sign them in. In person or by phone.

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This is a terribly laid out rule. Valid identification should suffice. No one ever has international guests? What about people who are passengers? What about children? What it it’s a passenger who is blind and Carrie’s valid id but no license? The vagueness is the problem. Update to say valid id, spring for an international id verification guide and move on.

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Op · 1 mo. ago

Okay I did a terrible job explaining all components.

If someone is on foot or under driving age, there is access to the community via foot or gate or such.

For any visitor, they can enter if they are logged in the system by a home owner and provide generic identification. We use DwellingLive to log incoming guests or vendors.

If that guest or vendor will be driving (not walking, biking, etc.) into our neighborhood, then they are required to provide valid US drivers license only.

So long story short, your niece or grandkid can still come to visit. Your grandma from Germany can as well, she just cannot drive in. And all visitors are recorded and on camera as well.

We are on all private roads as well fwiw.

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Instruct your contractors to have one person with a US driver license. Everyone else gets dropped outside. They walk in. Re-board vehicle just inside gate.

If there are multiple vehicles, then the one person who has a license can drive each vehicle in one at a time.

This rule is dumb and makes nobody safer.

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My overseas family rent cars and drive when visiting. A government issued ID from any country should be enough.

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· 1 mo. ago

That's BEGGING for a DHEF complaint and massive liability for discrimination. I'd 100% stop the entire policy until it can be revamped. At least there would be a defense that it was stopped until it could be altered.

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this is a can of worms waiting to be open..

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My community requests ID from people who do not have visitor passes.

So, for example, if I know I am having "Joe's Landscaping ", I can put them in the system for the correct dates and send them a digital visitor pass. They can then enter without ID.

But if I don't put them in and Joe and employees show up, the guard needs ID from the driver and will call for permission to let them in.

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Op · 1 mo. ago

And this makes total sense and seems normal.

But for us we have to put it Joe from Door Dash in the system. Then Joe has to tell the guard who is here to see (confirming our input of him into the system), then provide his US DL for them to scan into the system.

I've just started getting complaints from our deliveries/vendors, and I don't blame them. I'd be wondering why an HOA is scanning my license too.

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Is this a new rule?

What does the rule actually say, like does it say they need a valid US license? Or does it say they need a license that is valid in the US?

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Op · 1 mo. ago · edited 1 mo. ago

There is no rule documented in any document, bylaw, meeting minute, etc. anywhere.

There is a small white board with writing in marker at the gate house. Verbatim:



So they're pretty specific to the requirement lol.


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