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2 months ago

In a few weeks from now, Genshin Impact will be the most expensive video game ever made!

That's right. Genshin Impact will have cost Hoyoverse $500 million by its second anniversary, making it the most expensive game ever made!

Hoyoverse made Genshin at an initial budget of $100M, which officially made it the 12th in the list of big budget games. The next year, they issued a statement mentioning that it costs $200M per year to produce new content and keep everything running on schedule.

The numbers do make sense because they have 700+ people on this IP. Considering an average yearly wage of $75K (IT pays a lot more than this), it makes it a minimum of 50M+ per year in salaries. Then there is full voice acting in four languages, marketing, production design, servers and a lot more.

The closest official competitor will be Star Citizen, which is probably never gonna release and Cyberpunk 2077 which comes in third now. The first Destiny may be a close competitor as the devs have unofficially stated that it cost them $500M to 'develop the franchise', whatever that means.

Return on Investment: Considering that they have spent 500M until now and they make $3.7B per year, the ROI is around 1380%. Meaning for every dollar that they put in, they get back ~$15, which is just f**ing crazy!!

If Genshin is going to keep this level of quality to the end of this Teyvat chapter (4 years from now), I'm all in for this ride. I've spent only $60 on this game in the last 2 years and I've gotten more fun out of it than many other games combined. So yeah, I'm happy for and very jealous of Hoyoverse for this masterpiece. Congrats and screw you lads!

Edit ('cause other subs called this a P2W scam): $60 got me 25 five star pulls and 400 wishes saved. I have 41/51 characters, all of which are fully built with their levelled talents, unique weapons & artifacts. I only want Nahida and Kokomi now, for whom I have enough wishes saved while Mona will continue to evade me forever :|

Edit 1: Guys. Please use your critical thinking skills. I did not think that I'd have to explain this one but I did not spend $60 at once for my 25 five stars pulls(14 char, 8 cons, 3 weapon). I mean... Duh! It was the amount I had spent over the last couple years on Welkins while I played the game normally.

Edit 2 (For people who say the game is dying lol): Genshin Impact is 67% of the global gacha market (from China) in Q1 2022 and Hoyo holds 70% of the total market share including their other titles.

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· 2 mo. ago

The closest official competitor will be Star Citizen, which is probably never gonna release

OP woke up and chose violence. But also facts.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Unintentionally though. Didn't realise so many people were still fans of Star Citizen until now.

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That game is a textbook example of scope creep. The game isn’t even stable for most PCs and yet they keep trying to add more features.

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· 2 mo. ago
Hates overload with burning passion

It's been so many years hearing about this game here and there but i still don't know what the fuck you even DO in star citizen. What the gameplay loop even is?

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I remember when Star Citizen was first announced (or at least I came across it shortly after), and I thought it would've been amazing to see what would come of it in the next few years, though needless to say it feels a bit strange looking at the same concept art of a "coming soon" spacecraft that I first saw 8+ years ago...

In some ways, it's essentially an inverse of what Mihoyo is doing; and while both Star Citizen and Mihoyo have made big advances, it seems that Mihoyo's been able to have far more success with their approach to development. Funny enough, Star Citizen and Mihoyo itself started at roughly the same time, so it's not that hard to compare them.

Star Citizen is one massive project intending to be a revolutionary product from start to finish with all these groundbreaking features and a huge scope. They started with nothing, and want to end with everything, so they have to release content as betas, testing phases, etc. and it's been like that for many, many years. Over time they've added many incredible things, but it's also always in a state of "under construction".

So, while they've made progress that we can see, all this progress has been in the same umbrella of "Star Citizen", carrying with it all the success and failures it's accumulated over the years, and a reputation that still stands quite strong today as this thread proves.

They get lots of money from people pledging or purchasing stuff, and they're constantly putting that into development, but the development process has also been very chaotic with lots of promises, roadmaps, cancellations, etc. It's moving forward, but in a way that feels hard to be comfortable with.

As for Mihoyo, instead of one massive project, they've been constantly pushing forward with taking previous concepts (story, gameplay, and technical design) and reworking them or replacing them with new things each time they make a game. This is much more like traditional game development, of course.

Mihoyo started with a 3-person team making a fairly simple little mobile app, FlyMe2TheMoon. Simple gameplay, simple story, though I can't say much more since I never played it myself. This was where the character Kiana was introduced, who ended up being one of the cornerstones of Mihoyo's games for years to come.

They then moved on to "Zombiegal Kawaii", which was... not the greatest. I also can't say much about this except that you can take a quick glance at it and tell that it wasn't breaking any records anytime soon. That game was then re-launched as GunsGirlZ (and later given a second name, Houkai Gakuen 2nd).

GGZ featured some old characters of FlyMe2TheMoon but introduced the core Honkai cast, and experimented with new settings, a bigger cast of characters, placing the story into different "eras" with their own variations of the characters, etc. Lots of different things have been tried out in that game, with my personal favorite being the Fantasy Legend lore: superweapons with an "awakened" sentient form, such as Westminster (Icelight Blade) and Sapphire (Spear of Transcendence). A lot of characters and lore ideas from GGZ haven't appeared in the other Mihoyo games, but the core idea of Honkai was formed here and brought into the next game, Honkai Impact 3rd.

HI3rd was then released a while after that, and it featured another big step by introducing 3D models and stages, and it built on the idea of Honkai but ended up taking many of the characters and events in yet another different direction. A good example is "Fire MOTH" organization, which exists in two very different ways in GGZ and in HI3rd.

Tears of Themis was another release but I know little about it, except that it's very thematically different from the previous games. Never played it nor looked into it much, but it's clearly been a success!

Genshin Impact was next, taking the 3D world even further with a massive open world that we all know and love, and even now we're starting to see how this game has been making advances in storywriting, animation, and overall quality of content (not to mention the soundtrack!)

And coming up: Honaki: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero. New games are being made, old games (even GGZ!) are still being updated and improved, and each person that plays these games doesn't have to concern themselves much with the failures of the past games.

They're obviously two very different genres, but Mihoyo has stated before that they want to provide "an Immersive Virtual World Experience". Mihoyo has these ambitions as a game studio just as Star Citizen wants to revolutionize the space genre, yet these two studios have had very different levels of success. While Star Citizen can certainly be enjoyable, it still has to grapple with the constant fluctuation of being an early build, while Mihoyo has already set GGZ and HI3rd firmly in stone long ago, with Genshin now being well-established by this point.


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Whales be like: don't worry homie I got you


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· 2 mo. ago
Physical Xiangling mains where you at

When they say it costs $200M per year, does that include costs of things like advertising or purely the money that goes to development of in-game things?

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Op · 2 mo. ago · edited 2 mo. ago

Yeah. It's inclusive and so is every game in that list. Marketing is around 60% of the total budget

Edit:60% may not be accurate. It was inferred from a skim of the Wikipedia page cited in the post.

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There's still people who thinks genshin is dying?

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Your average Genshin clickbait dramatuber every two weeks

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Every update they push this "there's no content", maybe if they take it easy and don't play it 20 hours daily, but still it happens in every gache I've been

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People have been saying the game's dying since 1.0. Just ignore those people and vibe with the game

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· 2 mo. ago
Simp For Thighs

The thing glossed over with the money spent is just look at the amazing soundtrack. Every region has its own soundtrack. Even small sections inside of the different regions like Dragonspine and the Chasm get their own soundtrack. We even got some amazing songs for just this summer event. Every character trailer gets some amazing 2 minute song that holds up even outside of the trailer itself.

And the soundtrack keeps getting better. That's the crazy part about it is that none of this is phoned in and it all happens so quickly. If you look at this OST they are close to 1000 songs and not a lot of them sound the same. It is absolutely nuts the production value on the music.

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And now they've added dynamic songs, which just makes everything even more amazing. As much as I love Enkanomiya's soundtrack, the clash between the exploration songs and the battle themes are kinda harsh. And not only they did the dynamic song for shogun's weekly fight (which changes as the battle itself changes), but also for the chasm and now they dynamized some old songs for the GAA domains. Really looking forward to see what we're gonna get in Sumeru

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· 2 mo. ago
Lalala, dadada, whoo

Yeah, unlike electronic music, which could be done with one person, or at most a team of a dozen, analog orchestral music requires orchestras of a hundred people. But what's even more impressive is getting the top orchestras of the corresponding real life country. They could save so much money, and especially time, by keeping things domestic and recording it all in China, but they travel around the world and work through the language barriers for hundreds of tracks.


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