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Give me your most controversial opinion on Genshin impact .

I want the most unpopular opinion you guys have on Genshin impact .

( I didn't expect there to be a lot of comments but I try to answer as many people as possible. And I really like to see your points of view which are very interesting, thank you very much for having answered me. )

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Remember to sort by controversial for the actually controversial takes. Heaven knows this sub is a bit prickly when it comes to some stuff

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sorts by controversial
What a terrible day to have eyes

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· 2 mo. ago
thighs save life

Yeah, sort by controversial is always the best option for any "unpopular opinion" post, the truly unpopular one.

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· 2 mo. ago
Okami Amaterasu, Mona Simp

As a Lumine player I instantly regret that decision.


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Tagging artifact rolls or character builds as nsfw is getting old as fuck.

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· 2 mo. ago

Same with all the "why is my pulled character name cryo/qiqi" type of posts. Jokes beaten to death at this point.

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· 2 mo. ago
Hollow Knight currency go brr

Tagging anything that isn't nsfw as nsfw defeats the purpose of the tag.

There's a problem when it's a 50/50 of whether or not you're gonna get hit with a low effort meme or softcore porn.


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The EN VAs themselves are actually decent overall, it’s just the voice direction that’s kinda shit. Like the VAs are just doing what they’re paid to do, the director is the one who should be making sure the pronunciations, characterisations etc are accurate and correcting any mistakes.

Like xiao’s en va for example, she actually said in a live that the direction she got for xiao was something like “edgy emo teenager”

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This is the case for so much EN dubs lately. The voice direction is just...why would you do this?

Like there's so many purposeful direction decisions that just go against the characters design/personality or the scene at hand. And its well acted for the direction given so its clear nott the VA just being bad. It's that the director actulaly wanted it to be that wrong.

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At the same time they allow Itto's VA do whatever he wants. And Itto sounds awesome. His voicelines was the reason why I started pulling him and now I unintentionally have c3.

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TIL Xiao’s voice actor is female. I swear, I thought that was a dude. That’s some skill right there.

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I do feel like it's getting better/more consistent though.


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Archon Quest sagas should take longer to allow better execution of events and storytelling.

Was really a bit disappointed by how... Underwhelming Act II and III turned out to be before their climax cutscenes and all.

I'm not asking the game to go full Trails, Tales or Xenosaga levels of build up, but some things should take longer so we can be more attached to the journey and all.

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I'd be fine with longer quests, but they also have to fix their stupid dialogue issues if they do. They are padded with garbage filler conversations about nothing, and rehashing the same explanation of events that literally JUST happened, sometimes twice. If the quests were even the same length they are now, but we replaced the filler text with extra UNIQUE character interaction conversations I think they'd be a lot better. As is I get the gist in 15 seconds but have another 90 seconds of 'conversation' to get through before I can continue. It's horrible.


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I wish the questing storyines didnt center around the first person perspective of the traveler all the time. Wish we could play some story quests directly as the designated character and explore lore, history and relationships outside of the traveller. The strictly first person story forces the traveler to be unrealistically present at every important event, and every important person in Teyvat sucks up to them, even if they're a villain they have to be redeemed in an unrealistic manner. Its just cringey and make the characters feel one-dimensional sometimes. Some of the best stories like "The Fantastic Compass" have cut scenes from other characters perspectives. We really need more of that and less traveler simping.


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