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Can Marauders dethrone Escape From Tarkov with dieselpunk spaceships and impeccable vibes? A new extraction shooter joins the fray.

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I think the setting is cool, but getting blasted in ship combat with little counterplay due to the flying mechanics feels like it would get even more old than randomly sniped. It also has ALOT of catching up to do in terms of content, but the genre is ripe for the picking IMO.

Call of Duty will have one next year, but who knows how the structure will go. Do you need to loot toothpaste, soap, wrenches etc for your hideout or bartering for high quality gear? Do they try to grab more CoD audience than Tarkov audience and try to get the best of both without pleasing either?

Plus TLOU's standalone MP game coming out ??? could be Tarkov style aswell. Going into parts of the world to scavenge for your community like TLOU1 Factions makes thematic sense plus hideout, stash etc just works.

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but getting blasted in ship combat with little counterplay

From what I've seen that's not super a problem because the time to kill is high enough that at the very least you have time to pod out and either escape, board the enemy or try find a different target. Not to mention if you don't hang around and head straight for the docking bay it seems unlikely that you won't make it.

That said:

It also has ALOT of catching up to do in terms of content

This^ and also just cleaning up mechanics like gunfeel, getting hit, animations, AI etc etc etc. Tarkov themselves still has issues with this stuff

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I think that's the usual cycle for new/unique genres, isn't it? one game makes the genre/type of game popular but is rough and hardcore. then new games iterate on it mostly by making it much more casual and adding a bunch of QOL stuff. then either the original game manages to adapt and/or find its niche or dies off. I'm thinking of dota 1 vs LoL vs Dota2 or PUBG vs Fortnite vs newer BRs like Apex here.

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Oh their definitely going to be both games and fail at getting either playerbase when the cod one comes out.

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Woah, woah, slow down - CoD is making one? TLOU is going to have a standalone MP game? Where the fuck have I been?

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TLoU1 multiplayer was better than it had any right being.

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Don't forget Hyenas as well.

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The only factor is cheating.
If after a while this new games proves to be better protected than EFT - I will be happy to try it.
If it is same - won't even bother.

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The Cycle is dying a fast death to cheaters right now. I know they are trying to address it but I think it's going to be too late for them. If you are making a new game anticheat needs to a top priority from day 1.

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There's a central problem with the genre though, which is that it's loot based. In order for your computer to properly render enemies, your client needs to know what gear they have equipped. That information gets sent over the wire from the server, and with some effort, can be sniffed. Hence the proliferation of "radar" cheats, which tell you exactly where everyone is on the map and what gear they're using.

Someone using a top tier armor? Just beeline right to them and throw a grenade at their feet. Now it's your armor. This is compounded by the fact that the whole point of the game is accumulating loot, and by the presence of a player market. Real-money black markets can't really be stopped.

There definitely are some people in Tarkov aimbotting and so on. But this isn't like most online games where the bulk of the serious cheating can be stopped by making the server authoritative and not trusting the clients. You have to send the clients info on other player location and gear in order for the client to show the players on screen -- unless you are making a streaming game where the only thing that gets sent across the network are rendered pixels (which, to be honest, preventing cheating is a potentially huge selling point of streaming games).

It's a shame because the genre is incredibly fun and addicting, but cheaters are just freaking everywhere.

(An interesting side note -- a very common question is "who in their right minds is paying for cheats like this." The answer is that it's apparently a very common tactic for overseas internet/gaming cafes. They advertise the ability to play the game, AND use cheats. This is a big draw for people over there because they don't have the time or ability to slowly improve, slowly accumulate gear... they're paying by the hour and they don't keep one account. So the cafe pays for accounts that are stacked with RMT'd gear and radar hacks. You can pretty clearly tell when an account is from one of these cafes because their account names tend to follow naming patterns.)

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Been having fun with this beta. Also got this running on my steamdeck running between 40-70 fps in most places. Transitioning to raids is the worst frames

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Is the beta open? How do u get in?

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Is it loot management 90% of the time like tarkov?

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Curious how well this runs on the Deck for you? I just got my 512gb version.

Do you still just plug in a keyboard and mouse?

Besides frames, what were the graphics set to, etc? If you don’t mind me asking!

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I am really interested in this game but unsure of what is going to go on with the weapon customization.

Seems like it’s mostly 1940’s guns.

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In the lore of their world, WWI never ended, which is their reason for the weapons and ship designs.
Of course, it doesn't really make sense for guns to not evolve when they've also created spaceships and jump gates, but it's all for the aesthetic.

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The whole story is that WWII never really ended. The Nazis were destroyed but the world powers kept at each other until the only available resources were in space. So most of the fighting is done inside of claustrophobic dreadnaughts in the depth of space around asteroids.

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Because that's exactly what they were going for.


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