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GameSale: Buy & Sell Console Games On Reddit!


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Prices are negotiable, to a reasonable degree ;) I do keep track of market price and try to keep my costs quite a bit lower than that. Remember that this method doesn't have buyer fees (like other selling platforms), so you're paying even less!

Listing includes EMS Premium shipping (with Tracking and protection)! Shipping takes less than 1~2 weeks to the USA. (For reference, the last item I shipped using this method took 5 days to arrive to the USA address!)

1. Japanese Disney Tsum Tsum Edition Nintendo switch, CIB and in GOOD condition, extras included - $360 including shipping costs!

DETAILED IMAGES GALLERY (There is a LOT) - Overall in great used condition, with most of the accessories (charger, cable, grip, etc etc) in REALLY great condition. The previous owner took great care of this, as did I :)

The switch has protective glass film applied on top, and overall has very few scratches or markings. Only general wear from usage as you can see in the photos. The previous owner and I used the system and joycons with protective cases applied, so it's in pretty good shape overall.

All functionalities work perfectly, joycons do not exhibit joycon drift. All (normal) accessories are original - HDMI cable, charger, joycon strap, joycon grip, etc.

The dock has a few scratches on the front side, nothing significant really.

The only significant damage is to the 2 front flaps of the cardboard box, where I think a dog chewed at it hahaha. The box still closes securely, it's purely a cosmetic issue and it isn't visible when the box is closed. As slightly visible, two corners of the box has some wear damage as well. Again, cosmetic and very minor.

Included is a 220V converter jack (so you can use the Japanese charger in both European countries and the USA straight out of the box), and a LAN to USB converter so you can use the dock with a LAN cable!

If you add $8, I'll throw in the "Hot Wheels Switch" game (cart only) as well, it's quite fun but some features are unusable in Korea ;(

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Console prices do not include shipping (handhelds price is shipped). Most consoles ship starting at $8, but depends on weight and distance.

Game/Accessory prices include shipping on orders over $20 unless noted. Smaller orders shipping will be $4.

Store Displays / Posters are local pickup only at the moment.

Payment via PayPal (G&S or F&F), or local cash in 61701 area. If interested in trades head over to my latest gameswap post and comment there.

Working systems come with necessary cables (some oem, some 3rd party) and controller unless otherwise stated.

Working Systems

PS1 100150Sticker on console. oem controller (not dualshock)
PS1 750150oem controller (not dualshock)
PS1 750150oem controller (not dualshock)
PS1 750150oem controller (not dualshock)
PS2 Fat75oem black dualshock controller
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