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Posted byu/[deleted]2 months ago

Only 20 million? Those are rookie numbers we gotta get those numbers up!!

r/Firearms - Only 20 million? Those are rookie numbers we gotta get those numbers up!!
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I was thinking about this the other day, do you think gun culture would have stayed in the fudd zone with people not really caring about ARs and AKs had that 94 ban not been implemented? I feel like after the ban expired, the market just got flooded because manufacturers were like "cool new options" and young gun owners were like "cool, we can get those?" And then everyone learned how useful and modifiable these rifles were and the popularity just climbed from there. I feel like the ban just set the stage for the spotlight to be centered on semi-auto rifles.

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2A: “You can't win, Fienstien. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

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Suffers From Gun Fundus Depletus

Depends, does the War on Terror still happen in this alternate universe?

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It got flooded during the ban. People paid attention to what people wanted them not to have and bought as close to them as they could get.

The machine gun ban, AWB, etc are all mistakes.

More and more folks in this community are jokingly (or not) talking about getting machine guns back.

If things were never banned I'll hazard a guess most of us wouldn't have bought things.

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Prior to that time, the gun banners were REALLY focused on handguns. They didn't care about rifles much. In fact they were considerd the firearm that "civilized people" used.

The organization "Handgun Control Inc". They weren't getting anywhere except in Chicago where they successfully increased the murder rate after their handgun ban. But otherwise, they continuously failed.

So they rebranded themselves "Brady Center for gun violence", completely switched their product to rifles bans and coined the term "assault weapon".

Then they bought a Congress lady who lead a 10 marketing plan to get everyone interested in owning one

Massive Success! They succeeded in making the AR-15 the most successful rifle of all time.

Truly an amazing example of marketing and the power of branding.

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So what you're saying is if we let the new AWB pass when it ends we get plasma rifles?

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When you tell someone they can't do something, especially when it is their natural right to do so, they'll want to do it even if they didn't before

I don't even like shooting that much, but because the left is trying to take the right away I own several guns and vote along party lines

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I got an AR specifically because they were being targeted for ban back during Hilary v Barrack

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I do think it helped. Americans hate being told they can't have something.

I also think video game culture + social media has bred a brand new generation of gun owners.

I grew up on all the call of duty games and loved them, but I don't think the bug for ownership really sparked until I saw some guntubers like 10 years ago. I realized I can actually own and shoot the guns I loved playing with on Xbox.

Pretty sure a lot of my peers are the same way. I think that's a lot of the push away from fudd-ness can be attributed to as well

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The 94 ban only encountered me to get some when I finally could so personally you are correct sir.

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Whoever was responsible for the sunset provision, thank you.

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Bring back mail ordered machine guns for sub 1k.

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Do the inflation calculation..

$125 for a Thompson from the sears catalog isn’t as cheap as you might think.

Still a lot cheaper than $120,000 or whatever insane shit people are asking on GunBroker etc

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This is something a lot of people don't realize and that Democrats will NEVER admit.

Before the 1994 ban, the AR-15 was a niche rifle, mostly owned by nostalgic veterans. It was only manufactured by a very small number of companies and aftermarket parts and accessories didn't exist.

The AWB came along and said "You can't have this" and created out of the blue a marketplace of "Pre ban" and "Post ban neutered" rifles. this created an artificial demand of scarcity and the market exploded.

Before the ban nobody wanted AR rifles. AFter the ban, it was the only rifle anyone wanted to own. After the ban expired, demand took off like insanity. dozens of companies were producing rifles and aftermarket parts, it became a self fulfilling marketplace.

The entire AR industry exists today because of the 'ban'. Democrats are 100% responsible for the popularity of the AR rifle today, and Dianne Feinstein is the Godmother of America's Rifle.

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My dad was able to get ahold of a lower stamped “For Law Enforcement Only” and my obsession was sealed.

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Cake day · 2 mo. ago · edited 2 mo. ago

I wasn’t around during the 94 ban, but I bought my first ar-15 because talk of not being able to buy them again was stirring. So I thought I might as well get one while I can. Before that I never had any serious plans of buying one. Just always a, “maybe one day I’ll get one.”