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3 months ago

Several dead in Copenhagen Mall shooting

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I once gave a security briefing to a group of university students travelling to Denmark on a study abroad. On a slide talking about armed robbery there was a photo of a man with a gun. The professor leading the trip said to me, "But there aren't any guns in Denmark..."

I politely informed the professor, that despite what gun control laws are like in Denmark, "criminals will still have guns in Denmark." The shock on his face was immeasurable. If only I could go back and see if he still thought there weren't guns in Denmark.

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The fact this is shocking to anyone is shocking

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Wtf? Every Danish know there are guns in DK, for hunting, sporting and the many gangs with illigal firearms. It's a part of our culture... Bikers have history using rpg and grenades in DK

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· 3 mo. ago
Wild West Pimp Style

You can educate a fool, but that makes them neither smart nor wise.

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Many people responding to my comment jumped to assumptions without understanding these were Americans travelling to Denmark and that professor was making an assumption based on what he thought he knew.

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Never understood that, they have gun laws but they have guns too, it's alittle harder but fairer compared to most of the other neighboring countries though.(They even have a "stand your ground" equivalent)

Also there's always been an inside joke in Europe where the majority of everyone's grandma and grandpa's have and own firearms in their homes/countryside.

They just never had a reason to use them yet.

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And then the whole room clapped...

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You just don't get it man, you're just a close minded gun nut: see throughout all of human history, historically when a people aren't allowed to have or do something on a legal/technical level, they can't get X or engage in X, whenever something has been made illegal the population ceases to stop engaging in said illegality-on a dime they stop being able to acquire whatever was made illegal.

Take prohibition for example, they outlawed booze and thus everyone-from average Joe steel workers and house wives to those Ne'er-do-well criminals like Al Capone-couldn't get alcohol anymore! It was illegal, the importation and sale and possession (other than "medical alcohol") of alcohol, so people just couldn't get it anymore; same thing happened with that whole "War on Drugs" fiasco, as you can very clearly see people can't just go buy heroin off every other street corner in Baltimore, teenage kids can't just magically get a sack of weed to smoke before the Friday night football game, you got laws like "Murder," I mean who the hell commits murder 🤷? I personally don't know anyone who murders, and that's because it's illegal (duh), I don't do things like go over the posted speed limit-because it's illegal-or not wear a seat belt, I'm pretty sure virtually everybody else in this country does the same thing too (if they didn't they'd be in like jail?) 👀

Long story short, if we analyze history it very clearly shows us that when you make something illegal, the only people it impacts are the bad guys, the criminals, innocent-law abiding-every day citizens aren't impacted whatsoever, criminals don't thrive from said laws and it'll be even easier to bust em 👍

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· 3 mo. ago · edited 3 mo. ago

Gun owners “well somebody committed mass murder, let’s ensure we can put guns in the hands of as many people as possible”

Regular people “well somebody committed mass murder, let’s ensure everyone has access to healthcare and a good quality of life”

America is filled with “gun owners” and it’s why we have shootings every day.

It’s not a debate on whether or not we need guns to stop mass shooters, cause that is fucking moronic.

Should we live in the wild fucking west?

Should I have to be prepared at all times to fight off someone who wants to gun me down in the street?

What an incredible community to live in that would be!

How about you all take a step back and realize guns don’t prevent mass shootings, if this was the case, 22 children wouldn’t have been killed in an elementary school in Texas.

If you all really stood for personal freedom and protecting yourself, you would advocate in ways that prevent people from becoming criminals, but instead you all have wet dreams about killing people in self defense.

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And this was the proudest day of your life. I bet they are all thinking of you today and admiring your alpha malenessand all those years ago. Seriously what point are you trying to make? How many Americans have died since you gave these Danes this wisdom all those years ago?

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Okay congrats. You found one idiot Dane who didn't think there were guns in Denmark. Gun control works, and our first mass shooting in 7 years proves that

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This is a lie, everyone that is old enough for you to have an actual conversation with, knows for a fact that people own guns in Denmark, especially a professor. So quit your lying.

Source: am danish

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Op · 3 mo. ago · edited 3 mo. ago
Wild West Pimp Style

imagine living in an area with this much gun control and you still get shot(im not tryna hate just proving a point, love for all my danish)

Edit: did not realize DK actually allows people to own guns( just hunting and sport rifles? I think?) (Still not complete gun rights but gots the spirit👍*)

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California (particularly Los Angeles) has entered the chat

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Terrorist gonna terrorism


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