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U.S. reaches deal with Moderna for omicron COVID-19 vaccine

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Do we have efficacy data on BA 5 for this yet?

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This. Stratified efficacy by age group please.

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We have data suggesting that vaccines still mitigate the risk of severe illness and death in places where ba.5 is dominant, yes.

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Please read the article. The vaccines are under development.

Both orders are scheduled for delivery in the fall and winter, assuming regulators sign off on their effectiveness.

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Will Pfizer also have a targeted booster? Will it matter if you have three prior Pfizer vaccines and then take Moderna this fall?

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Pfizer is also developing an Omicron Booster, from the article we've ordered around 100 million doses of Pfizer and around 50 million doses of Moderna.

It shouldn't matter whether you've had Pfizer or Moderna in the past as the last round of boosters they allowed mixing and matching.

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I was pfizer for my main two and moderna for the booster. CDC/FDA said it doesn't matter, so do whatever as long as you're within the proper window for shots/boosters.

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Yes & no

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· 2 mo. ago
I'm fully vaccinated! 💉💪🩹

I had 3 pFizer shots, got Moderna booster beginning of May. Been in direct contact with a lot of people who've come down sick recently, and not had one errant sniffle.

Direct contact as in participating in a multi day charity event, rooming with and riding on a bus for hours with someone that caught it over the event. So I certainly had as much exposure as they did.

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Any tentative release dates?

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What I saw on the NYT today said September.

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· 2 mo. ago
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Well that's good news at least.

Looking forward to being able to get mine when I can.

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In October, if the <50's haven't received authorization to get their second booster, I'm gonna start looking for some place that doesn't ask questions (ie. Cvs).

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The Biden administration said Friday it has reached an agreement with Moderna to buy 66 million doses of the company’s next generation of COVID-19 vaccine that targets the highly transmissible omicron variant, enough supply this winter for all who want the upgraded booster.

The order of the bivalent shot follows the announcement last month that the federal government had secured 105 million doses of a similar vaccine from rival drugmaker Pfizer. Both orders are scheduled for delivery in the fall and winter, assuming regulators sign off on their effectiveness. The Pentagon said the Moderna contract was worth $1.74 billion.


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