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I’m just so confused as to how this is even possible. He started coming down with something respiratory while we were in the hospital for delivery. He had been outdoors in the field the entire week before so not sure how this is even possible. We isolated from each other for a full 7 days following. This was very painful because he’s going to be away the entire month of October and deploying in February, he missed all the joy of the first week and 100 percent of the responsibility fell on me. He tested for COVID twice and both came back negative. Horrible cough and stuffy nose.

Then he went back into the field for work at the end of baby’s first week just as his cough was going away. He came back and was still coughing, I assumed this was a continuation of his previous cough and that it was now in the post-viral phase meaning no longer contagious based on what our pediatrician advised. So I moved back into our room and baby and I slept in there until 3:30 am when his cough was keeping me up and we moved back into baby’s room (after I had already washed all the bedding for both rooms in preparation for my mom’s arrival Sunday). This morning I double checked with him that his cough was just a continuation of his post-viral cough from the week before. Nope. He said this is new. WTF??? Why would he allow us to sleep in the same room?? Our baby is TWO WEEKS OLD. I am so upset. I am so terrified she and I will get sick and I’m having visions of her in the ER or coughing and sick. I’m just beside myself. We are isolating now but he was coughing on me all night, he didn’t even turn the other direction. The weird thing is he was again in the field (not indoors with any other people at any time) this past week…although he was smoking while in the field. What could he have possibly gotten?? His cough sounds like he’s going to die.

(And no he won’t go to the doctor, there’s not really any point in going to the military hospital for stuff like this, they’ll give you Tylenol and send you home.)

Update: after all this careful isolation, I now have postnasal drip.

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