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NSFW Rule Update

If your post is already questionable on the NSFW side of things and your post history is primarily focused around OnlyFans or other 18+ content, it will be removed. This rule is more strict for cosplay centered around generic character archetypes, not actual characters. “Cute elf,” or “bunny girl,” is not the same as Arwen or Kallen who canonically wore a bunny suit in the show.

Ultimately, these are all judgment calls. I’m not going to play the litigation game about the letter of the law. It’s the intent behind it. If you are shilling your OF and are trying your darndest to skirt the rules and be on as many subs as possible, you know the game you’re playing.

Edit: To provide more clarification for some of you who seem to need it. Having an OF isn't a disqualifier from posting; however, it does put a stricter eye on your content and posting. Non-nude, non-lingerie, fully clothed pictures can still be NSFW based on angles presented and tone conveyed.

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