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Posted by2 years ago

New Mod - New Rules and Processes Incoming

If you haven’t recently, check out the front page of r/cawwsplay. You might notice that a lot of stuff has been removed. I was just added as a mod and I’m looking to get things cleaned back up. I’ve been subbed here for years and it’s always been a quiet place. Something with Reddit’s algorithm and search function helped this sub pop up on other people’s radars. That’s great! But it also meant the mostly hands off approach of the sub owner wouldn’t work anymore. Now that I’ve been added that will change.

First up, this is a SFW sub. Full stop. That means the boudoir, lingerie, and outright nude posts are gone, even with a tag. This also means no links to OF or other paid sites of a similar nature.

More importantly, the SFW rule is not an attack on women or their bodies. Women have boobs. Cleavage is not inherently lewd or suggestive. Obviously, there is some subjectivity on where that line is and I am going to work on the wording of a rule to try and make that more clear. I don’t want to be in the position of policing women and their bodies; however, I think we can all agree that this sub has strayed away from “things that make me go ‘aww.’”

Second, I’ll be working on automod and setting up the right rules and filters to catch content before it hits the sub. There already a basic spam filter in place. But there’s a bit more that needs to be done there.

Third, don’t harass people. Don’t be rude to people. This is not negotiable. I will ban you. It will be permanent. And I will sleep just fine at night despite however much you object. It takes a lot of courage to make a cosplay and put yourself out there, especially on the internet. This isn’t going to be a place where you can trash the creators.

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Petition for new rule: Cawwsplay should only be for pictures of crows in costumes.

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Oh pls don't be a hypocrite, ero cosplay can be awww too, I always yell KAWAII when I see cute NSFW cosplay and I am subscribed to OFs awwwie cute cosplay gals 💖

But now I see You have the rules, I accepted it, peace✌🏻

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Op · 2 yr. ago

To be clear, no NSFW isn't a new rule. It's been the only rule for years. See this screenshot of the sidebar of the sub I took over a week ago before being modded.