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The Real Housewives of Atlanta S14 - E12-Trust(Planning)-Live Episode Discussion

Kenya loses her cool when Sanya insists she brings a plus one to Jamaica; Kandi and Todd don’t see eye-to-eye on estate planning; Sanya’s surprise birthday party for Shereé receives a mixed reception from her friends and reignites an old feud.

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I don’t like that Kaela has to live one way while watching her siblings live another way. Especially when it seems that she didn’t come from money, she works, and pays her bills, and seems wayy more appreciative than Riley. Not even a knock at Riley, but Todd is wrong for that. You’re benefiting from Kandi’s money, give your daughter a break.

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· 2 mo. ago
lisa’s 4th lawyer

If I found out I had missed twenty-ish years of my child’s life, I would be overcompensating on love but all he does is overcompensate on tough parenting

My love language is gifts, so maybe I’m biased

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I remember when he gave Riley a stack of money as a high school graduation present, but a few seasons earlier he wouldn't ley Kaela stay at their house because she wasn't working, or something like that. A blatant double standard.

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That’s an interesting point i never thought of! It would make sense if Kandi was a stingy step mom but it’s the other way around - she wants to do stuff for her but he’s wants to block her blessings! I guess it means more money for him!


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· 2 mo. ago
BEAST?!? How dare you!

Marlo. Shorten the thirty days and get them into therapy.

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Right that’s child sounds like he’s depressed

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Marlo has no right to be criticizing her sister. YOU dropped your nephews off to her and her plate is already full...

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· 2 mo. ago
Were you there, beloved?

I'm with Kenya on this one how tf is Sanya going to demand that you bring someone on a trip

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lol they're setting themselves up for failure anyways trying to demand things of Kenya. Especially when production ends up having the last say....chile, please.


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· 2 mo. ago
I'm disengaging...

Kandi, girl... you have done ENOUGH. I wish she could just sit back and enjoy everything she's built. She's done more than enough to support herself and show other black women what they're capable of.


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Call me bougie or whatever but I'm not renting someone else's swimsuit... Y'all are just gonna have to deal with the Old Navy suit i have.

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I was like - is that even legal?! 🤮. Hygiene wise.


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· 2 mo. ago
marlo support me bitch

This is about the 8th Sheree celebration this season

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I am waiting for them to have a Jamaican beach party for her titled "She by the Bay."

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· 2 mo. ago
You are in high school, and I am in Brooklyn!!!!

Seriously LOL


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