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what are you grateful for? sharks 🦈
1 year ago

The Real Housewives of Dallas S5 - E12 - RV Having Fun Yet? - Live Episode Discussion

Tiffany seeks guidance from Momma Dee after a stilted encounter with her own mother, while Court gives Kameron the surprise of a lifetime. Stephanie plans a trip to Oklahoma, but her efforts are in jeopardy when a surprise article in the press causes Brandi and D’Andra to be at odds.

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· 1 yr. ago
My bootyhole is retired

"Since when is talking about a racist video worse than making a racist video"


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· 1 yr. ago
dramatic millennial 💅

D’Andra at the end of the episode was my rose.

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· 1 yr. ago
the shaman's sideburns

Brandi using quotations around "racist video" in her text to D'Andra was extremely telling.

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Typical mean girl. Let me spend the entire season pretending I’m contrite and find specific moments to make myself the victim. D’Andra is smart enough to know that the queen bee mean girl rallies everyone else to her side.


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Court is kinda cute he’s like a younger more handsome Benjamin Franklin

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· 1 yr. ago
I am not proficient in Puerto Rican law 🇵🇷👩‍⚖️

This is the funniest and most oddly specific observation.

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This is so true. I couldn’t put my finger on it but you nailed it.

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· 1 yr. ago
Not a white refrigerator!



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· 1 yr. ago
BEAST?!? How dare you!

So D’Andra told Page Six that RHOD would address the racism scandal and THAT’S what Brandi’s mad at? What a dumb hill to die on.

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· 1 yr. ago

And yet her pose is all backing her up!


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Do we think D'Andra is selfish?

I actually don't. Or at least she's not more selfish than any other person on this show

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Even if she were selfish, this would not be an example of it.

Brandi’s just pissed she has to take accountability for a racist video.

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I mean they think it because she’s a trust fund baby. I’m not sure how that’s any different than living off your husbands wealth and not working?


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· 1 yr. ago · edited 1 yr. ago
the thirst book

Tiffany’s mom talking about her getting only 80% of benefits while eating $100 caviar for a 5-year-old’s birthday in Tiffany’s HOTEL 🤯

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😆her husband could probably buy a hospital 🏥


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