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blinded by rage, I taped our bin shut

I've got the typical bad neighbor problem. Loud music, takes up our parking spaces, smokes next to our windows instead of his, litters on our lawn and driveway, just barely treads the line of animal abuse towards his dog, etc. Nothing super crazy or major and mostly keeps to himself but extremely annoying and somewhat infuriating 4-5 days of the week.

One thing I've noticed lately is he keeps dumping his beer bottles and takeaway food trash in our bins. No bags or washing them first. We have a bug problem already and I've noticed him doing this for months, but today I caught him having some beers with a friend on our lawn, buddy parked blocking our parking spot, leaving the waste in our bin.

My dog found some chicken bones in that same area the past few days and while I don't think it was him I do suspect his friends because I've seen them litter there before. Dog may have eaten one this morning, we aren't sure but are monitoring closely.

So with that in mind, when I saw them hanging out using our lawn and bins, something inside of me snapped. The moment they stepped inside I went out and taped the bins shut.

Hoping it doesn't lead to them littering more but if it does I will happily leave the garbage on top of their own bins... they're only a few feet away.

No real conclusion or moral of this story, I'm just coming off my rage high and wanted to share with people who get it lol

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Good luck. When I returned the shrapnel from multiple days of fireworks blown up in my yard I got a note posted telling me I wasn't a real American and should just throw it away. I feel for you and hope they don't take it further.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Ugh. People are so inconsiderate. I don't get why it's so hard for people to mind their own business.

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I’ve got a buddy who drilled into his bin and put a lock on the lid to keep neighbors from putting trash in it. It was such a satisfying story I almost came here and posted it myself.

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I’ve done similar..but due to wind. Shockingly easy

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The first time I found my dog had eaten chicken bones on account of a bad neighbor would be the last time I dealt with said neighbor because I’d have done something violent. You’re a better person than me that much is for certain.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Thank you. Our last housing situation was far worse about chicken bones, and it was terrifying. The lack of self awareness or care for other beings is infuriating.

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You should put in some motion activated sprinklers to take care of the "Raccoon" problem you have.

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put up a fence along the property line. If you cant afford a real fence or you rent. they sell all kinds of temporary fences


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