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messy neighbors 😖

r/BadNeighbors - messy neighbors 😖

My next door neighbor, plays loud music all day, it was a bit annoying *I work 7p-7a. And according to the noise ordinance for my town, it's ok till 10. So I just dealt with that. Once I'm sleep I'm good.

But now it's the issue of the trash. Picture is of front and back, we share a porch on the front the only thing that separates us is the rail. They let trash day pass and did not sit the trash out instead left it on the porch, it is now a million flies, and a cat was in their trash this morning. I am going to speak to rent office tomorrow. But just in case they do not do anything, is there anything I can do?? If it helps I live in Baltimore county. Thank you.

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Is the trash day thing a common occurrence or is it just this one time? We occasionally miss trash day and much prefer our trash to be outdoors (however in a bin not just laying around) than inside attracting bugs and stench in the home.

Do you feel safe talking to your neighbor about the issue? We had a neighbor complain to our leasing office a few days ago and we would have much preferred they have come to us first considering it was a one time honest mistake that was made.

I'm just the person that likes to try and compromise before going to authorities and/or possibly getting someones family evicted.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

It was just one bag last week. This week it was one bag Thursday, they let the trash day pass fri. Then sat they put out the other 2 bags. The crazy thing is they give everyone 2 trash cans. I don't know if theirs is full. But when I saw the cat in the trash this morning, it occurred to me no telling what night crawlers are in the trash at night.

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They are just noisy and messy fuckers. Speak to them first, cause even if they get evicted you could end up getting worse cunts moving in

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I usually tell people to think of who can move in but in this case, i dont think that. I think this behavior is bad enough i would take the risk of seeing who was next.

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Stop taking pictures of your neighbors stuff


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