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Op · 3 mo. ago

Her husband tried that 2 hours ago. I had him arrested. Now they'll have to pay for it to be resodded.

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Jfc what the hell is wrong with these people? Are they drug addicts or something maybe??

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Dang, I expected it of her. Crazy married crazy. Hope they don't reproduce. I'm used to seeing 1 reasonable person in a marriage trying to keep things from getting too out of hand.

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Omfg! She sent her flying monkey to do the dirty work! You'd think he'd say nope. They are both insane! Who does this to someone trying to have a nice lawn? It's none of their business. Who hired them to be the water police? Now they both have been arrested, because one wasnt enough? Wtf? I'm so sorry. But good job with the follow thru. Unreal!

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And the watering will continue, so they really shot themselves in the foot, a few times at least. 2 arrests, a bill for resodding, and they get to see your sprinklers on for as long as it takes the redone sod to grow. Idiots. And I can't believe they don't understand your have surveillance!

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OMG! Karen is married to Crazy and they are your neighbors? I am so damn sorry.


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