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Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

I've finally had it with my neighbour's...

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People like them never learn unless you take action. I hope that the city does do something and they learn to stop messing with, and insulting, others.

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Way to handle it, the right amount of consideration, maturity, and standing up for yourself imo. Hoping for a tasty update in the future...

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City responded to me and will be doing an inspection of their property soon.

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I doubt anything will happen. You should see what I did like 6 months ago when they told her to fuck off for asking them to keep it down

(I brought 2 very expensive speakers up to my living room and filled their house with Metallica for an hour straight at 110dB

Purpose was to say "oh you can hear me! We can hear you too so stfu.

I later apologized cause the wife was having a nervous breakdown apparently because of it. But it was just to show hey, we can he assholes too if we want. (that was my doing, the gf begged me not too while leaving to visit a friend).she knew damn well I wasn't going to listen.

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Feel like everyone in this situation is bad neighbors...

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Lol it may seem like it. But I've been nothing but patient.

Everything was fine until my gf asked them politely to get their kids to stop running and screaming at midnight as we have to work early.

That put them both into a rage because and I quote them as saying "don't tell us how to raise our kids"...

So Yea one time I went out of my way to piss them off. And then didn't talk to them for 6 months until yesterday to ask a basic question which turned into her crying to her whole family because I said you don't have to act like a bitch, it's a simple question.

I may not be perfect, nobody is. All I know is that if they don't want to work with me, I'll let the city decide then. I have no other choice.

The funny thing is is during all that the father in law and I talking calmly he said man you guys are neighbour's you have to try to get along. I said "I'm trying to get along, this is why I asked a simple question 20 minutes ago and all I'm getting is attitude from your daughter and her husband screaming at me, they're the problem, not us".

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holy god. you are my hero

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How so?

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Lol I have never heard this but I'm going to check it out soon

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Dude you called his wife a bitch.... you can't expect things to get easier after doing that. Mind you, she may have been rude by saying no and it's her property, but you don't just call someone a bitch over that to their face. You think she and her husband are going to be okay with that? Or buy the "it was an observation".


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