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Walks his dog in the middle of the road

This guy has been at it a while. He walks his lab in the middle of the lane and when cars pass he doesn’t pull his dog in or move to the shoulder. I go around him in the left he yells profanity’s at me, calling me a a*****, MF ect. I know it’s not just me he does it to my whole family. This is a once a week occurrence. The most recent situation he extended his arm to let his dog and him take up more room in the road. Totally moron.

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Get a dash cam to CYA

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They are under $60 and sooooo worth it. Almost every time a wreck happens at a red light both drivers claim their light was green and The other guy ran the red light. Dash cams save a lot of trouble in a lot of situations.

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Report him to your local law enforcement as any government maintained road is NOT for dog walking & constitutes a traffic hazard. Get a dash cam.

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Yea we have an old man in our community (70+maybe) absolutely refuses to walk on the side of the road. Walks right down the middle. Makes cars drive around him. He just refuses to move. People have talked to him. He dosen’t care.

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Yup sounds like your typical self absorbed dog owner LMBO

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So a guy walks down the middle of the street and even extends his arms to keep people from passing. It is a road this made for vehicles. And cussing people out just because they try to pass him it's kind of crazy. And you think this is the dog owners fault? Wow.


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