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Bad Neighbors


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On Thursday my entire lawn was turned into dirt to prepare it for resodding. My sprinkler system was also repaired. Friday my lawn was resodded and my sprinkler system programmed to water everyday. All within the city guidelines for resodding of lawns. While I was still talking to the man that resodded my lawn as he turned on the sprinkler system, this woman from 2 houses down was approaching my house and taking pictures and video. She walked away when the man walked towards her asking "Can I help you?". Seems harmless, right?

Saturday morning at 5:30am this woman knocked on my door telling me I should turn my sprinkler off since it is not my watering day. I explained to her my lawn was resodded and I am allowed to water everyday for 3-4 weeks. She gave me a speech about how I'm stealing water from the city. Water that should be conserved so others won't have to worry about getting what they need. I told her we are not in a drought and that once 1 month passes by that my sprinkler system will be programmed to work on watering days only. I kept my cool. All while she had her phone pointed right at me. I had enough, so I told her to leave and closed the door.

Yesterday morning, she knocked on my door and began recording me. I reminded her I was allowed to water everyday for up to a month since my lawn was resodded and she needs to leave me alone. Door closed.

This morning, same thing. I opened the door long enough to tell her if she didn't stop harassing me early in the morning, I would press charges for harassment. About a half hour later there was police at my door. It seems that this karen called the police saying I threatened her. I showed them video surveillance of her taking pictures and video on Friday and of her knocking on my door in the early AM hours shouting at me about my lawn. It was obvious from what I showed them that I wasn't the problem. I wished them a nice day. As I was closing my door, this karen approaches them with her phone showing pics an video and tried to say me saying I would calling the police was a threat. I listened as they told her that it's obvious she is the one out of sorts and what she is doing is stalking and harassment. She yelled at them saying I was stealing city water. She shoved one of the officers. As she was being arrested she kept shouting this was my fault and I better pay her bail. Fat chance.

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Oh man, this is more of a vent for me... But I finally lost my shit recently.

Long story short. When they moved in a year ago the husband and I were cool, he said he would remove a fence dividing our homes (semi detached) since it looks like complete crap and is falling over and we'd put bushes dividing the homes instead. Seems like a good idea right?

Well, back in mid March, it was 11pm and their kids were running around screaming as usual, so my gf went and knocked on the door and nicely asked if they could keep the noise down as we're trying to sleep (by-law also states no noise after 9pm and no noise ever that is unreasonable that can be heard in another dwelling).

Well, the wife and husband took this as a major insult for a simple request and ever since they've been major assholes.

Today, I saw the wife and 2 kids, and I very nicely asked (since they were planting bushes on their side of the fence) if we could remove the chain link at our own cost.

Well, she immediately went into a tirade of how it was her fence and their property and we can't do anything. So I asked "it divides the 2 properties, how is it yours? Secondly, your husband said last year he was going to remove it which is why I'm asking if you don't mind if we take care of it for you guys". Then she gets loud and yells "our property, go to hell"

So I said "fine, you want to act like a bitch then go ahead, maybe you should learn how to talk to people in a civil manner instead of being a bitch all the time"

I went inside. 20 mins later I came out to use my vape and make a phone call. The mother in law comes out with the husband yelling and screaming at me asking why I called her a bitch. So I said "it's just an observation, one that is very clearly obvious consideding I asked a simple question which didn't need to be answered with attitude"

Mother in law says "well, why would you put your patio furniture on your front deck, it sees right into their home!"

My response "first off, it faces out to the road, second, I couldn't give a f less about what they have in their home and if they think I'm spying on them they should get their heads checked in case they're schizophrenic. And lastly, just like how the fence is" your property", so is my deck and I can arrange my patio furniture however the hell I want."

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This guy has been at it a while. He walks his lab in the middle of the lane and when cars pass he doesn’t pull his dog in or move to the shoulder. I go around him in the left he yells profanity’s at me, calling me a a*****, MF ect. I know it’s not just me he does it to my whole family. This is a once a week occurrence. The most recent situation he extended his arm to let his dog and him take up more room in the road. Totally moron.

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So basically we had a half double that the other side was vacant for 1.5 years

Fast forward to now and the other side was bought and turned into 2 apartments

Guy upstairs is awesome (quiet ) and almost never see him

Guy downstairs is ehh

Kinda quiet

Smokes a shit ton of weed that comes over to my side

But man is he RIDICULOUS with parking

To the point where I have been parked in by him 3 or 4 times

Now me and him talk but he has told me almost everyone he has dealt with has been "racist"

How do I approach him without ruining the fragile peace we have now and without being called racist

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I’m looking to see what peoples thoughts are in this situation. I’ve basically made my mind up about it but because of the type of person I am I would love to keep the peace between neighbours but would also like to tell them where to stick it.

We recently moved into a new neighbourhood in Victoria. The area has great views of the ocean, islands and mountains on a clear day.

The median age of the neighbourhood is mid 50’s, we are 36 with a 2 and 4 year old and a dog. There are more people on the street without kids and probably half of those people have chosen not to have kids rather than their children growing up and moving out. This is the case with our neighbours. I only mention this because most of the neighbours seem interested in chatting with us and our kids while our direct neighbours don’t. They don’t even like conversing with us, saying hi to us, wave back to us or even acknowledge that we exist 99% of the time, which is fine.

For the most part I am ok with this, if you don’t care to get to know us no big deal. However, the way the houses are set up in our area is a little odd and their yard boarders our drive way.

After moving in I made small talk trying to get to know them. She came off rather pretentious, he has said maybe 3 words to me in 7 months. It’s fine, don’t care to get to know them.

A few months after being in the house we are having some mould tests done (I found a bunch behind a wall), and the gentleman doing the test parked on the road in-front of their house. Within 5 minutes of this she was at our door asking us to ask him to move his vehicle because she didn’t want to look at it. She said our vehicles make it seem like they are enclosed by a metal wall and it impedes their view.

After this interaction my wife and I made sure to pull our vehicles as close to the garage as possible to help alleviate this feeling and hope that it helps calm the waters.

A few more months of being ignored my dog escaped from the house while we were out. She ended up going on their property and taking a crap on their lawn.

The back of our house is full of trees and they throw their chewed dog bones as well as some biodegradable food out back which my dog is attracted to, so naturally she would end up on their property.

The guy comes over and is extremely rude to our guest and basically threatens him to let us know that this can’t happen again. During the conversation he is yelling at our friend while walking down the driveway with his back to him, wouldn’t talk to him face to face. This infuriated me. I understand he is upset about the poop, but the dog belongs to me not our friend.

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Ranting. Neighbor in backyard used a leaf blower to blow leaves and sticks from his property to mine. The leaves are from branches overhanging on his side but the tree is on my side. They fall on his carport next to the fence. When confronted, he was aggressive and hostile telling me it's my responsibility to cut the branches. Anyway, next time he does it, I'll have it on my Ring cam and I'll be filing a police report of trespassing/illegal dumping.

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My trashy neighbor walks past my trash cans to get to his walkway and will just dump his trash in my trash cans which mixes with my trash and I have to take it out to the curb twice a week. I’ve caught this on camera a couple of times and even told him that it’s not my job to take out his trash and to stop. He just blows it off and his huge trash family continues to use me as their personal trash collector. No HOA. These are standalone houses. I also have tenants and do not know how feasible it’ll be to put locks on the trash cans. Anyone have any experience with this?


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