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What's the best Anime you've ever seen ?

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From the facial animations to the quivering bodies as chunks of flesh and blood are ripped off from a hailstorm of bullets, I would say it's also the most realistic animation I've seen

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I saw it as a kid. Didn't understand a thing of the story but the masked troopers were forever seared into my brain. Saw it again a few years ago finally. Definitely an overlooked masterpiece.

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By the way if you like this movie I'd definitely recommend checking out Mamoru Oshiis other work!!! He made a lot of great movies however is still not very well known as he is kinda shy. Most of his movies are very philosophical/religious and I guess that's what make them so special.

Please look up his other movies:

Patlabor 2: my favorite anime of all time. It deals with a fictional Terrorist attack in Tokyo. While it may sound cliche the drawings and music is as perfect as it can be. There's also lots of deep thoughts about justice, betrayal, love and suffering. The movie is hard to get by but some biliotheques have it in stock. Coup d'etat scene:

Ghost in the shell (original movie) - everyone knows it. It's the movie that is as important as Akira and inspired lots of other movies See video Link in comment below...

Ghost in the shell innocence - follow up which is just as amazing. If you like the original blade runner this is your dystopian follow up movie. Trailer:

Angels egg - the most avantgarde art anime? Deals with lot of philosophical and religious questions. The drawings are beyond perfect and the concept art is by a famous Japanese artist. Notice this movie is almost without dialogue (amazing!) Intro:

Also he did some live movies that are relatively unknown but in my opinion they are just as good!! There's even a movie about people wanting to do a movie - that's meta! It's called Talking heads:

Fun fact: here's a short video of him with an animated dog sweater (

Edit: added Videolinks (tried to avoid spoilers).

Important notice: please watch in Japanese with English subtitles. I really feel disappointed by the english voice dubbing :/


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Monster is the one anime I wish I could delete from my memory just so I could see it again without prior knowledge of events.

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Johan is high up there among the best villains ever. Griffith tier bad guy

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Just finished it yesterday and it was really good. I missed realistic anime, old ones just hits different with the quality and depth.

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Monster is a brilliant anime. I usually don't watch animes more than 20ish episodes as I find often they drag on, have filler episodes, and I just can't stay engaged. I made an exception for Monster because it had been recommended so much and rates so highly and I'm really glad I did.

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Monster give off different vibes


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Natsume yuujinchou

91 days


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While every kid wanted to be Goku or Ed at some point, Yuuko just perfectly represents what it's really like to be a teenager.

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Nichijou is GOAT tier for anime comedy. One of the only shows that reduced me to tears laughing, along with Asobi Asobase

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Nichijou and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou are the slice of life comedy GOATs


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Initial D. It has hot guys, cool girls, complex analogies of cars and racing, genuinely emotional moments, and THAT AMAZING EUROBEAT SOUNDTRACK!

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ryosuke got me bricked up

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Racers don't need girlfriends!

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Growing up we had initial D in the arcade. It was special because you'd get a printed card that tracked your game progress as well as stamped which stages you beat.

It was amazing to race the cars, tracks and opponents.

It even had a training mode with a cup of water. Insane.


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