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Picture something similar to Detroit: Become Human. If they existed, looked like us, behaved like us....

They should have equal rights to humans
They should be a "servant" class
Other/Mix (Please Comment)
They should have more rights than humans
Regardless, they should be destroyed and future production should be banned
Regardless, They should be legally required not be capable of sapience
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Left Social Democracy
1 month ago
Yes, ban these usurious loans!
No, they have their place.
Yes, and any interest rate greater than inflation is immoral!
No, and legalize usury entirely!
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Yes, sweatshops are cruel, inhumane, and exploitative. They have no place in a civilized society.
No, outlawing sweatshops violates the principle of non-worseness and hurts the very people it intends to help.
It depends, sweatshops should be allowed in some circumstances and forbidden in others.
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I am a 27(f), single, and no kids. I am working on my masters to finally achieve my teaching certification. I was just hired as a TA in one of my local elementary schools. My current roommate is moving in with is GF. What I have always wanted: to experience living alone, on my own. Even though I get nervous, life is honestly good. Here is my dilemma...

My friend, late 40s(f), has a special needs son, late 20s(m). I lived with her and her son for four years. I was in a situation where I was almost homeless. She let me move in to her spare room. I never planned to stay for that long, but it turned into four years. There were a lot of nice times, having company, fun laughs, and serious conversations. She is a good person.

The issue... she was controlling, her family is exhausting and I don't want to live with that anymore.
The house is owned by her sister. My friend would always tell me her side of how she was tricked into moving into the house her sister bought because her mother and sister were embarrassed where she previously lived. My friend agreed to be the property manager (there was an efficiency apartment attached to the main house we stayed in). The house apparently as always had issues, but the last two years is when it got worse. The last three tenants in the apartment let the ceiling get super bad (it was leaking and apparently about to cave in). Two of the tenants were suppose to fix the problem, but made it worse. The bills were going up. I will admit that I did not want to pay more in rent because I knew she wanted to leave and I needed to save so I could move somewhere. When she finally told me when she will be leaving and moving in with one of her friends (let's call her A), she asked if I wanted to come with. I told her I want to move on and find my own. My reasons why I did not want to continue to live with her:

  • (Main reason 1) She never let my family come use the bathroom before they drove back home. I live just about an hour from my hometown, so my family comes to where I live for various other reasons other than visiting me. But, every time, they would stop by the house and talk. For four years, she would never let my family come inside to use the bathroom before the drive back because the house was "messy". It wasn't. She would have her clients workout inside the house.

  • (Main Reason 2) I could never have friends over. As I have said, I am a single female with no kids. My friends are all in the mid- to late 20s and have no kids. We are all working professionals; some of use work multiple jobs. When we can all get together, we just meet and eat! We have pot lucks, sit and talk about everything. We are not a crazy bunch. One person will suggest the idea we go out on a weekend night, but then immediately change our minds because that is not what we find fun. Her friends have been over for drinks and dinner, separate times. She allowed her nephew to stay over one night (knew her nephew likes to take things).

  • There were three separate times I have come home to her gun on the kitchen counter. She has had a rough life and there are times when her mother or sister will throw it in her face. I am not against have guns in the house, but she has told me what she wants to do with the gun. She would put it in the kitchen to resist the urge to use on herself. Of course I am concerned, but the emotional and mental toll that takes on the other person is a lot.

  • Her family is just as controlling. Of course I only hear my friend's side of the story, but I have witnessed their interactions and they are a lot. All families have issues, but to be the non- family member sitting there having to witness the uncomfortable interactions and can't really remove myself from the situation is another mental toll.

  • There have been comments she has made that were questionably racists. Little things would slip here and there, I would try to rationalize it. But I finally started to really listen and I do not like it.

  • I WANT TO DATE! I dated one person when living with her and could never have him over for dinner or just to hang out. When he would stop by the house, we always talked either standing outside or sitting in his car. Yes, he had his own place and we would spend alone time there but I would get comments from her about me going over and spending the night. Yes, she was being caring but he and I were both consenting adults in own mid- to late 20s young professionals.

Her friend, A, has now gone back on their agreement and has kicked my friend and her son out. They went back to the house. I said they can move in with me once my roommate moves out. I am giving her and her son the master (my current room), and I am moving into the smaller room. She has a plan/dream to move to GA and restart their life there. She is trying to convince me to move with her, but I don't want to. That is not my plan nor my dream. She has admitted that she doesn't plan to work anymore when she moves in with me. She wants to be more available so her son could get more acting roles (hence the plan to move to GA). Literally every time something happens in her family, she drops the opportunity for her son and then blames her family for missing the opportunities. It's not like these acting opportunities are all the time. So she is planning to move in my place, not work, pay me way less than what I paid when I lived with her, and be in my house all day long "waiting for acting opportunities" (doing nothing).

The family is planning to sell the house/ property. I spoke with the sister, in secret, to learn how long the process will take (probably a year). The amount of money the sister is planning on giving my friend is nothing and unfair.

I want to help my friend and return the favor, but I do not want to go back to what I experienced for another four years. This place has become my place of peace and where I have discovered and learned myself. I really don't want to go back to all of that (emotionally and mentally stress).

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In the imaginary land of Wakanda, established landowners keep their power by maintaining private armies. Powerful families regularly disagree on who should gain control over which resources. These disagreements involve violence and intimidation, including but not limited to kidnapping, extortion, and murder. This continued for generations until one day, the two most dominant families fight for control over the other. To end the violence, a “Peace Negotiator” was asked to intervene.


After initial negotiations, the families expressed a deal, which we will name “Forever”.
The “Forever” deal goes like this: the families are willing to consider an immediate end to the violence if they will be guaranteed a national position of equal power. This way, the playing field is once again equal, they get to keep their power, and none of them will be prosecuted for crimes against each other. Furthermore, the families agree to hold a national election every 6 years. Which means, whatever happens, the “Forever” deal will be renewed in 6 years' time. Any violation of this deal is sure to result to further violence as families will try to retaliate.

For the “Peace Negotiator”, who may or may not be familiar with Applied Ethics, the situation seems to present a dilemma. This is how the Peace Negotiator sees the situation:
knowing that they will place corrupt people in positions of power, should the negotiator accept the deal in order to end the violent conflicts now and buy time to establish long-term peace through better deals? (In other words, tolerate some corruption now to work on peace long-term). Or should we choose violence now, let the competing families fight each other and possibly even arm the people, to eliminate the corrupt families? (In other words, sacrifice peace in the short-term to eliminate corruption in the long-term.)


Based on what you learned in this module about social justice, on peace and corruption, how should the peace negotiator act? Express your ideas by writing a problem and solution essay. To prove that your ideas are effective, you should be able to discuss how these ideas also work in the real world. You may use national and/or regional examples and figures from the Philippine context which resembles the situation of Wakanda.

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Is it a coping mechanism?

How can we go about reversing that trend worldwide regardless of cultural and ethnical background? Should we even?

Can we emerge from this tribal mindset amongst nations worldwide, and what would be an ethical way to generate this change? Education? Spirituality? Propaganda? Darwinism? Obviously just caring isn't working on everybody who doesn't care, and this toxic mindset keeps perpetrating amongst families and social circles from generation to generation if we do nothing to stop it, it even gets periodically worse with wars and a never ending thirst for power and revenge. How do we make everyone realize you have to always be ready to make the first step at deescalating conflicts? That you're a hypocrite expecting it from your enemies but not willing to do it yourself, and your cognition is biased into thinking your behavior is in line with what's best for evolution when it really isn't?

Why is survival of the fittest the norm instead of collaboration? Isn't the point of society to be as a sum stronger than each of us individualistically? Can we enforce the "greater good" in any ethical way?

Totalitarianism and power have held a tight leash on society throughout history, but we now can all interconnect regardless of origin through the internet, and the world can change for the better without leaving anyone in the dust if we really worked together to make it happen with the help of new technologies. So why don't we?

Is it all the doing of the 1% and we are destined to an eternity of inequalities and hatred until it destructs all life on Earth? Or should we recognize the change lies within all of us working together, instead of blaming specific root causes and letting them run free using them as a scapegoat to avoid personal responsibility?

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Earlier today a woman accused, by tweet, a San Francisco Building inspector of rape. She produced several pages of documents to make her case.

Regardless this Building Inspector hasn't even been charged yet, has made no public statements (that I know of) and is being asked by a member of the Board of Supervisors here to resign

Is that an ethical demand?

Would it be ethical for him to refuse.

FWIW, our Building Inspectors have been accused many times, pretty credibly, of being corrupt, worse, there's a good chance there ineffectiveness (the best way to put it) is going to result in many homes and apartments burning after the next earthquake. (San Francisco is a beautiful town, a very corrupt town)

I suspect they are all corrupt in that department, because their department heads have been corrupt for decades.

Regardless, it seems both par for the course and yet unethical to demand a resignation on the basis of a tweet.

How say you?


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