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A central repository for questions about economic theory, research, and policy. Please read the rules before posting.
Created Mar 31, 2011





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r/AskEconomics Rules

Rule I

Please be respectful in the comments. Personal attacks and insults are not allowed. Offending comments will be removed and repeat offenders may be banned. Please report any violating comments to the mods.

Rule II

All claims (and especially claims in top-level comments) should be rooted in economic theory and empirical research - not opinions, anecdotes, lay speculation, or personal politics. It is strongly recommended that claims be sourced by citations to applicable research. If your comment begins with "This is just my opinion, but..." or any variation, it will nearly always be removed. Top-level comments by non-approved users must be manually approved by a mod before they appear.

Rule IV

This is not a subreddit for homework questions. If you have questions about homework problems, please submit them to /r/econhw. This includes "what should I write my paper about?" and "how do I write a paper about this topic?" questions.

By the same token, this is not a subreddit to find a tutor. Do not ask for tutoring, paid or otherwise, or for other users' contact information to arrange tutoring off of reddit.

Rule V

No "Soapboxing" or loaded questions. This is AskEconomics, not DebateEconomics. Questions should be reasonably specific, not debate prompts or long manifestos. Posts primarily seeking to push an agenda or start arguments rather than seeking answers to questions will be removed.

Rule VI: Stock Tips

This is not a subreddit for stock tips and investment / personal finance advice. Please do not ask which stocks are best, what certain stock-related subreddits are doing, etc. (r/AskEconomics is in no way affiliated with any subreddits whose name contains the word "bets.")

Personal finance questions are better directed to a personal finance subreddit.

Community Information

Looking for reading material/suggestions, or for career advice? Try the /r/economics wiki for books, blogs, and careers. For a good reading list of academic papers, see here for an undergraduate level list and for the truly ambitious see here.

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