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1 year ago
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If GIM fails because of streamers - I'm done.

I have a group of 5 who have been waiting patiently for Group Ironman to release since it was first mentioned (Winter 2017?). As we patiently followed every update, our excitement grew. We eventually stopped playing mains in anticipation of our Group Iron being our new accounts.

Now here we are, group Ironman is finally at the poll. I've gotten used to streamer favortism in the past; Being PMods, getting their accounts unbanned from a single tweet, or being able to get customer support from a discord message. But being able to control whether or not a game mode that has been anticipated for 3+ years now will be released, just because you are angry that your own friends circle DDOSed the tournament?

I understand the frustration, but at what point is going around, encouraging your viewers to vote the way you want to vote, is that okay? People looking forward to playing with their friends for the last 3 years had NOTHING to do with Jagex's servers having a rough day. It's borderline childish and shouldn't be tolerated how these PVP streamers are acting.

"As described in the blog..." - Cool. If it fails they will PROBABLY repoll it, but that's going to take weeks, most likely even months. The 2nd poll isn't magically going to pass either. Maybe not even the 3rd. We're also going to get a butchered version of group ironman, even when it does finally pass the repolling - because Jagex will be adjusting the game mode and making changes because they thought it failed due to something in the blog, not random spite voters who are mad at a tournament. We've already booked time off work for Oct 6 to play with everyone, we've been waiting for over 3 years.

In closing, I'm sure we're not alone in how we feel about this - It's the most highly anticipated update for years and the poll is being manipulated by streamers and their communities. I love Runescape, and I have been looking forward to Group Ironman, but quite frankly I'm just tired and ready to move on to other things if Group Ironman gets delayed / not released.

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Does anyone know what time the poll results will be released tomorrow?

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Following for answer. Sorry to piggyback on your post.

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It passes


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How to reunite the community:

Jagex: It seems due to a technical fault all databases and backups have been wiped, so we will everybody is reset back to lv3, enjoy the rebuild!

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Oldschool-oldschool rs

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That would be dank

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· 1 yr. ago
Worst Skill in the game

Rebalance all the pvm tables to make skilling worthwhile too and I’m actually down.

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I would probably just call it quits at that point

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Jagex: It seems due to a technical fault all databases and backups have been wiped, so we will everybody is reset back to lv3, enjoy the rebuild!

I am okay with this.

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· 1 yr. ago
Cooking is my favorite skill

Tbh I would love a fresh realm that has the original 07scape again.

Make D Chains great again. Also I'm too fucking tired to do this new zoomer boss shit where you have to do perfect prayer flicks while constantly moving your character around with perfectly precise movements, one wrong click and you are dead.

I just wanna whack stuff

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I would've loved that tbh.

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That would be tight tbh

I’d be sad because I did plan on selling my bank for a few thousand bucks when I quit but fuck it dude I’d be down to start over with everyone


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Yea we’ve had a group ready to go for group Ironman for like 2-3 years. My bank has gone from like 100m to 2.5b from pet hunting waiting on GIM

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Haha same we have 5 waiting, I got 99rc out of boredom this summer waiting for GiM.

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